Subject: Re: My 3/60 keyboard (and monitor)
To: Paul Boven <>
From: None <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 12/03/1995 18:28:54
> > works now.  I took the fuse out of the socket at the front of
> > the motherboard (away from all the connectors..) and put it in the socket
> > at the keyboard port (is this a bad thing to do?) and it works now.
> uhh... I'd guess something else is without power now, and that's not good of
> course. If it won't netboot, you found the ethernet-fuse :)

It netboots happily, and everything seems to work...I'm planning on going
to radio shack and seeing if they (hopefully) have another fuse I can 
put in...if I might be able to find one in an electronics catalog...
> > But, now (this happened before too, but I was hoping it would go away), 
> > the monitor kind of phases out, like an old tv.  I think it might be
> > aliens.  Any better suggestions?  It seems to be the framebuffer rather
> > than the monitor (turning the monitor off for a bit and then back on
> > doesn't do anything, but turning the whole system off for a while then back
> > on fixes it).  Hitting the monitor has soem effect (it causes it to
> > display different patterns of stripes).
> My 19" monochrome has the same problem. It is, in my situation, *only* a monitor
> problem. What has happend is that in it's long and usefull life, the sync-circuits
> in the monitor got a bit misaligned, probably by ageing. I have exactly the same
> symptoms, but they go away as the monitor heats up. 
> This hasn't been a problem so far, as starting X would take longer, but with 
> the new SCSI-DMA (kudos, boys!) my Sun now boots faster than it's monitor does.
It starts out working fine, then stops..Usually I get to a login screen
(it's being an x-terminal right now..), and have just enough time to login
before it dies..

> Remedy: First, DON'T hit the monitor. Hitting electronics is never a good idea, 
> even though it sometimes seems to help short-term. Worst case, you'll break the
> glowing filament in the cathode of the tube, and your monitor will go from mono-
> chrome to zerochrome. The dreaded eternal screenblank. 
> By the way, why are you hitting the monitor when you're so sure it's a 
> framebuffer problem? :)
I don't know...I just hit things occasionally (not too hard, and not
if they look fragile) on the off chance that it will actually help :)

It looks like the framebuffer might be overheating... I'll try this, next
weekend (I came back to school for the week...things that don't require
major movement (the monitor's pretty heavy) can get done, but I'd need to
be there to actually take apart the monitor..)

I'll also try leaving it on for a while, then booting the system..