Subject: Re: My 3/60 keyboard
To: Shannon R. Madsen <>
From: None <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 12/03/1995 18:18:41
> > But, now (this happened before too, but I was hoping it would go away), 
> > the monitor kind of phases out, like an old tv.  I think it might be
> > aliens.  Any better suggestions?  It seems to be the framebuffer rather
> > than the monitor (turning the monitor off for a bit and then back on
> > doesn't do anything, but turning the whole system off for a while then back
> > on fixes it).  Hitting the monitor has soem effect (it causes it to
> > display different patterns of stripes).
> Do you have your monitor getting electrical power from the connector
> on the back of the CPU case?  If there were some sort of power
> fluctuations in that output from the power supply, it might cause
> problems like you describe.
I had it plugged into both the case and to the wall..same thing.  It's
currently plugged into the wall.
> Sounds like something awful happened to the machine at some time. :)
Maybe the aliens are trying to take it over :)