Subject: Re: My 3/60 keyboard
To: None <port-sun3@NetBSD.ORG>
From: None <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 12/03/1995 15:09:07
> > I've just gotten a keyboard, mouse, and monitor for my 3/60.  The
> > problem is, it still sends output to a terminal through the serial
> > port.  The monitor goes white on boot-up...but, the light on the
> > mouse doesn't go on and external loopback to the keyboard fails.

> I don't know where to obtain them; Sun presumably sold them, perhaps
> still sells them since some more recent machines use the same fuses.
> Doubtless they are available elsewhere too, but I have no idea where.
> works now.  I took the fuse out of the socket at the front of
the motherboard (away from all the connectors..) and put it in the socket
at the keyboard port (is this a bad thing to do?) and it works now.

But, now (this happened before too, but I was hoping it would go away), 
the monitor kind of phases out, like an old tv.  I think it might be
aliens.  Any better suggestions?  It seems to be the framebuffer rather
than the monitor (turning the monitor off for a bit and then back on
doesn't do anything, but turning the whole system off for a while then back
on fixes it).  Hitting the monitor has soem effect (it causes it to
display different patterns of stripes).