Subject: Re: nfs_boot (exporting swap file from linux)
To: None <>
From: Chris Callanan <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 12/01/1995 16:07:31
User Gordon W. Ross, was known to have said:
> I looked at the tcpdump, and I think the mountd on your linux box
> is refusing to provide an NFS handle for the swap file.  Normally
> mountd is only asked to make NFS handles for directories, but with
> NFS diskless boot, mountd is asked for a handle for a plain file.
> Strict compatibility with Sun-style NFS boot requires that mountd
> should honor mount requests for plain files.  There is probably
> some way to make linux export a swap file, but I'm not sure how.

i turned on debugging in mountd, and this is what i got...

Dec  1 14:42:27 chimay mountd[1380]: fh_find: psi=2013272330... found '/export/client/root', fd=-1
Dec  1 14:42:27 chimay mountd[1380]: mountproc_mnt_1 [1 69/12/31 16:00:00  0.0]

there were some others, but these looked important.  it exports root just
fine, but not swap.  what is the ^I in front of the path?  could
that be the problem?



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