Subject: Re: Question on NFS install
To: Chris Callanan <>
From: Ben Walters <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 09/04/1995 10:04:43
> I'm trying to get my Sun3/60 to boot off of my Linux machine.  
> I've been following your instructions on doing the install,
> but in step 3 it says to Copy the diskless boot program, which
> appears to be called boot.sun3.
> I can not find that file.  Maybe i'm missing something, or maybe
> i'm just an idiot, but could you please help me out.

The file wasn't included in the distribution - I think because it is
Sun code (is that right?).  You should be able to get a copy from
either a SunOS machine that has the capabilities to serve diskless
Sun3s, *OR* I happened to notice that the Linux Xkernel package (a
minimal OS for a diskless Sun3 that allows them to function as X
terminals from a Linux system... Ihave a suspicion this might be based
on SunOS...) includes the boot.sun3 program.  You should be able to
find it on some in /pub/Linux/system/Network.  You'll
also find rpc.bootparamd in the Xkernel package...

Good luck,

PS I'd be interest to hear what kinda problems you ran into getting it to
boot... we finally managed to get our 3/60 to boot from one of our Linux
boxes yesterday :)

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