Subject: Re: tftp?
To: Chris Callanan <>
From: J.T. Conklin <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 09/04/1995 12:38:38
>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Callanan <> writes:
Chris> It looks like though that my problem is even before that.  rarp
Chris> works and the sun gets its IP, but the tftp request gets timed-out.

Note that the Sun 3 boot roms only send the name of the boot file
instead of a complete path.  Be sure you've configured tftpd to chdir
into /tftpboot.

Note that the NetBSD tftpd has a -s (secure) option, which chroot's
into the directory given on the command line (almost always /tftpboot)
for added security.  With that setup it is customary to create a self-
referential symlink (tftpboot -> .) in that directory so that other
netbooting devices (X terminals, terminal servers, etc.) that request
a boot file with a complete pathname work too.