Subject: sun3 boot hangs with WAIT_FOR_NOT_REQ scsi error
To: None <>
From: Corey Adam Baye <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 09/01/1995 17:49:55
I'm trying to boot up a sun3/60 with the latest netbsd-gen (758513 bytes
unzipped) from NetBSD-1.0.  [I'm using the old netboot 'cuz the new one
hangs trying to get the ip address a second time (?!?).]  It keeps 
printing the message

scsi timeout--WAIT_FOR_NOT_REQ---../../../../arch/sun3/dev/si.c, line 724.

Any ideas?

If I disconnect the scsi cable, it gurgles something about

command_transfer: Data out phase?

but then it continues to boot up.

If I boot without the drive attached at all, it boots fine.  I had this 
thing working only a couple weeks ago.  I have tested it on the "old" 
netbsd-gen and get the same results.

If anyone thinks it's hardware, please wire some hunches....

Please wire any assistance to

tnx much