Subject: Re: Sun3 hangs
To: Tom Calderwood <tcalderw@BBN.COM>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 08/28/1995 14:12:10
On Mon, 28 Aug 95 16:12:40 EDT 
 Tom Calderwood <tcalderw@BBN.COM> wrote:

 > Now that I am compiling on my 3/50 (diskless) I am getting more
 > hangs like I did with FTP.  The user process goes comatose and
 > does not respond to ^C or ^Z.  Eventually  it will complain that
 > its nfs server is not responding - though the server appears to
 > be okay when viewed from other machines.  The server is a Sparc IPX
 > running NetBSD "current".

I'm willing to bet it's losing during a swap transaction.

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