Subject: Re: exports / diskless boot
To: None <>
From: Tom Calderwood <tcalderw@BBN.COM>
List: port-sun3
Date: 08/24/1995 18:07:23
>> Now, the exports file from the server should read:

>> /export/root/<machine>  access=<machine>,root=<machine>
>> /export/swap/<machine>  access=<machine>,root=<machine>

My NetBSD mountd will not accept this syntax in the exports file.  Are
you exporting from a machine running NetBSD?

Not only will mountd *not* allow you to export both

/foo/export/mumble/root  and /foo/export/mumble/swap 

(/foo being a filesystem), if you export

/foo/export/mumble/root   and   /foo/export/netbsd.sun3/usr

The client will be denied access to mount /foo/export/netbsd.sun3/usr
on its own /usr at boot time.

An excerpt from my exports file:

/usr/src/export/ -maproot=root   

And showmount:

Exports list on localhost:
/usr/src/export/netbsd.sun3/usr    Everyone

If I boot my client single user (which works fine), and then try to 
mount netbsd.sun3/usr manually, I get:

# mount /usr
nfs: can't access /usr/src/export/netbsd.sun3/usr: Permission denied

Local speculation has it that mountd has trouble exporting multiple
directories under the same filesystem and that it may be related 
to broken processing of the "alldirs" option.

Has anyone out there actually exported multiple directories under 
the same filesystem?