Subject: Re: Bug in si driver -> spurious NOLUNS
To: None <port-sun3@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Paul Boven <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 08/14/1995 22:34:27
Hi David, and the rest of the port-sun3-folk,

> There is a bug in the current Sun3/Sparc VME si driver.  Although I am
> rewriting the driver, here is a quick fix for now:

Could it be that this bug is also in the si-driver going out with the
current binary distribution? I don't have VME (Sun3/60), but noticed the
same symptoms:

> One place where it does seem to make a difference is in LUN probing.  It
> appears that some devices take longer to respond to a non-existent LUN
> probe, and during these probes, the old si driver will miss status phases, etc.
> As a result, devices show up at all LUNs even if the device groks LUNs.

Well, that does sound familiar: A Seagate 80MB-SCSI I bought when I got
my Sun3/60 in februari started showing up on all LUNS when I put in the new
kernel back then. (The kernel before that didn't seem to understand
partitions). I'm sorry I don't recall the exact dates on the kernels,
this must have been somewhere around april, and stayed in all subsequent
kernels. I haven't tried it with the latest update, because the
Seagate is now in my Amiga, and working fine, and the Sun runs off a
Maxtor 150MB now.

> Since I'm redoing the driver, this will be fixed.
Yeah, great!
> How many devices got added to the SCSI quirks table through no fault of
> their own?  Can anybody who uses the si driver go back and re-check their
> devices with this fix in place?

I notified Gordon (though not the list, didn't now how to reach the list
back then) and he mentioned putting it on this quirks list. Because I didn't
put this on port-sun3 back then, I'm not sure this happened. But when the
new si-driver is out, I can test this Seagate again. As I currently have
only 12 MB free on my SCSI, (X, LaTeX and the binary-distribution) I don't
have any kernel (or other) sources online, so alas, I cannot try the
patch. But please let me know when the new driver will be ftp-able.

Btw. when I mounted the Seagate in the Amiga I noticed that one of the
PCB-traces going to the SCSI-connector had burned itself up. This was, of
course, the term-power line. As I learned later, a lot of Sun3s ground this
line, a fairly dangerous hardware bug. So beware when plugging things into
your SCSI-chain!
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