Subject: Re: NetBSD/sun3 panic
To: None <,>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 08/14/1995 16:19:07
	I started compiling up a new kernel with DDB & a few debugs in
	as I sent the previous message - its still not there yet (Tho it
	_is_ on the compat lib :)

	Previously the machine has been rock steady - but there have been
	three changes:
		updated from Jul 9th to Aug 13th sources
		started using union mounts (Thanks :)
		configured in 1024 (8MB) of buffer pages. (Its a 32Mb 3/260)

	Thanks to Gorden and David for the info - will post again when I get
	any output from DDB!

	PS: Why is the kernel compiled with -msoft-float? (Ok, I know the
	answer is 'so it will work without a FPU' - but I wondered if it
	would be possible to automatically disable that flag if FPU_EMULATE
	is not defined in the config file? - or is -msoft-float required
	for the kernel even on machines with an FPU?)
	Ahah - my kernel just finished building - I'm going to go & rebuild
	the entire userland on that unsion mount, so if anything tickles the 
	problem that should!

	Thanks again
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