Subject: Re: Some Questions
To: Peter Koch <>
From: David Jones <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 08/10/1995 11:48:34
> #1: Is DMA working now (Ethernet and/or SCSI)?
>     The last time, i ran NetBSD, its performance was worse than
>     bad, because it did no DMA at all!

I fail to see how Ethernet could work at all without DMA.  Ethernet
requires that you be able to take input at 1.25 MB/s immediately upon
start of packet.  On the Sun3, this is done via DMA into a buffer.

SCSI doesn't have DMA yet.  I'm working on it.  Since the driver was not
written with DMA in mind, it will need a re-write.  Be patient.

> #2: Does NetBSD support the old VMEbus Sun2 SCSI controller (sc0)?
>     I have two of them and since they are plugged into the servers,
>     i cannot run these without them.


> #3: I have two Ciprico Rimfire SMD disk controllers and two still
>     working SMD disks. I don't want to trash them, because they 
>     are so damn fast. Ciprico sold the Rimfire with device drivers
>     for SunOS 4.1 in source! Is it very difficult to port device
>     drivers from SunOS to NetBSD???

If you have source, then the port shouldn't be too hard.  You can't just drop
it in, but vendor source is real good documentation.

There may be copyright problems, though.  Don't expect your driver to be
included in the source tree.  gwr care to comment?

> #4: What's about Xylogics 451 or 7051?
>     I have two (currently unused) xy451 and the Rimfire does have
>     a xy emulation (for easy booting), which is usable (but somewhat
>     slow).

I was about to get to that after I got the SCSI stuff done.  May or may not
happen.  I'm moving in a month, and I'm debating whether to borrow my
friend's SMD disk pack and take it with me.  It's a little too big to move
comfortably. :-)

If it doesn't happen, I'll rough in what I have and post it.  But that might
not be for a while.

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