Subject: Re: Xserver and Unsupported keyboard type: Solved!
To: Gordon Ross <>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 08/09/1995 19:14:20
On Wed, 9 Aug 95 14:47:48 EDT 
 "Gordon W. Ross" <> wrote:

 > Is there any way to make the kbd/ms drivers insist on the opening
 > process having the same UID as the process group in the kd driver?
 > The device nodes for kbd and ms could stay at 0666 then...

Is it really an issue?  It looks to me like only one process can open it at 
a time, anyhow...

kbdopen(dev_t dev, int flags, int mode, struct proc *p)
        int error;

        /* Exclusive open required for /dev/kbd */
        if (kbd_softc.k_events.ev_io)
                return (EBUSY);
        kbd_softc.k_events.ev_io = p;

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