Subject: Re: Xserver and Unsupported keyboard type.
To: Paul Boven <>
From: David Jones <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 08/09/1995 11:33:12
> I suspected the cable for some time. But now I'm using another keyboard,
> and these problems still keep happening. Could the zs1a/ SCC be a bit worn
> out, maybe? Could anyone give me some hints please?
> > Or perhaps the driver is buggy...   If the driver does not get
> > a "reasonable" keyboard ID, then it could safely assume type 3.
> The keyoard is a type 3. but sometimes the keyboard isn't detected by the
> kernel, and the system won't even boot.
> B.t.w., I'm using the latest inary snapshot.

I get the "zs1b: fifo overrun" too.  zs1b is the mouse, and the message
appears as soon as I touch the mouse.  It does not appear at all thereafter.

NetBSD is notoriously poor at serial I/O, but I think there's something
else here.  The mouse is no more than 9600 bps, which even NetBSD should
be able to handle.  Most likely something is not properly initialized
on zs1b at boot.

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