Subject: Re: How do I get NetBSD on my 3/50?
To: Karl Strickland <>
From: bryan d. o'connor <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 06/15/1995 08:59:54
| I have a spare 3/50 around here Id like to run NetBSD on.  The machine is
| diskless, and so I'd like to boot from a FreeBSD server.  As far as I can
| gather, there is no NetBSD 1.0 binaries for sun3 available.  Whats the best
| way to go about doing this?

you can grab netbsd 1.0a binaries for the sun3 from in

i *just* got a bunch of 3/60s to boot diskless from FreeBSD 2.0-SNAP-950412.  
check out to read about the
experience and save yourself a lot of trouble.  (hint: you are going to
need the source for freebsd's mountd.)


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