Subject: Re: previous declaration of `catclose'
To: None <>
From: Scott J. Ellentuch <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 05/22/1995 14:21:44
In Jason Thorpe's own words (And I ">_") :
> Adding a disk is a big improvement.  Even the ancient Micropolis ESDI 
> disk behind an Emulex SCSI adaptron on my 3/60 proved to be enough to 
> help my 3/60 build the entire tree in 2.5 days.  Local swap helps quite 
> alot.  Source is still via NFS...
	I have the old shoebox, but its on a machine that is my
#2 DNS server and can't afford to give it up currently.  That running
with the motherboard that *MIGHT* have troubles doing NFS, but the 12M.
I've got a 4M system (looking to expand to 12M) at home.
>  > > 	OUCH!  Hey, these things happen.  I'm prepared.  If I get more
>  > > serious about it maybe I'll push the Linux guys for a Sun3 port
> (I realize that Ken didn't write this statement...This is directed at the 
> original poster...I deleted that message my accident... :-)
	I did.
> Perhaps I'm not really understanding what Linux on the sun3 would gain 
> you...
	The ability to DITCH SunOs.  Besides its fun to play on.  And I
get all the magazines, and talk on the irc channel and....don't want to
run 2 machines with the same OS.  
> Do you believe that it would somehow be faster? 
> Considering 
> Linux's NFS performance, I would think that it would certainly be 
> _slower_, especially if you plan on running the machine completely 
> diskless.
	SLOW/reliable I can deal with.  ESPECIALLY when I can
compile software on it easier than SunOS!  

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