Subject: Re: Strange behavior on 3/50s and 3/60s
To: None <>
From: Geoff Adams <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 02/10/1995 15:05:50
Thanks for your quick response.  I've now had a chance to try out the new
kernel.  Here are the results.

> > On my 3/60, the most recent kernel (#137, Jan 25) consistently panics
> > while configuring le0:
> > 
> > le0 at obio0 addr 0x120000 level 3panic: pmap:pa_to_pvp: bas pa=0x1f800000
> I thought that was fixed, but maybe not.  That is netbsd-gen.gz right?
> You then land in ddb, I assume.  Please do a "trace" and send the result.
> I'll update that kernel again too, just to be sure it's OK.

Yep, right into ddb.  Unfortunately, the kernel you just put up (Feb 8)
has exactly the same problem.  Even the addresses are the same.  Here's
the (hand-typed) trace:

db> trace
_Debugger(e000fc00,ffe3c4,e06d048,1f800000) + 6
_panic(e06d008,1f800000,ffe3c44,e06d07e,1f800000) + 38
_pa_to_pvp(1f80000,10c000,ffe3c78,e06f93c,e000fc00) + 1e
_save_modref_bits(e000fc00) + 24
_pmap_enter_kernel(fd00000,10c000,7,1,e0000086) + 162
_pmap_enter(e0ab9a0,fd00000,10c000,7,1) + 90
_vm_fault(e4f3d00,fd00000,0,1) + 86a
_vm_fault_wire(e4f3d00,fd00000,fd04000) + 36
_vm_map_pageable(e4f3d00,fd00000,fd04000) + 27a
_kmem_alloc(e4f3d00,4000) + 108
_dvma_malloc(4000) + 20
_le_md_attach(34f5200,e4f3600,ffe3e40) + 34
_le_attach(e4f5200,e4f3600,ffe3e40,0,0) + 1a
_config_attach(e4f5200,e09e9f8,ffe3e40,e06ac16,e09e868) + de
_bus_scan(e4f5200,e09e9f8,1,ffe3e88,e012db0) + 92
_obio_scan(e4f5200,e09e9f8) + 10
_config_scan(e072fd6,e4f5200,0,ffe3ec8,e013052) + 6a
_obio_attach(e4f52c0,e4f5200,0,e4f52c0,0) + 1c
_config_attach(e4f52c0,e09e8c0,0,) + de
_mainbusattach(0,e4f52c0,0,e06a9b0.0) + 32
_config_attach(0,e09e878,0,0,64) + de
_config_root(e06a9b0,0) + 3a
_configure(400000,4000,1c0000,fef0098,0) + c
_cpu_startup(400000,4000,1c0000,fef0098,dfffffc) + 2ac
_main(ffe3fac) + 3a
final_before_main() + 4e

Now, on the 3/50:

> > It also hangs when doing any database work (like updating the password
> > files or building the kernel databases during multi-user startup).
> Ah, that is your server dropping packets that NetBSD/sun3 sends.
> Add the following line to your config file:
> 	# XXX - Work-around for slow SunOS/Sun3 servers (sigh...)
> 	options 	NFS_BOOT_RWSIZE=1024

Did you add this option in your latest kernel?  In any event, it works!
The 3/50 comes up multi-user happily.  (I've only tried one of them so

(This is exciting.)

> Great!  Let us know if you create anything worth sharing.

I'll soon be getting a 3/80, so I'll be interested in getting netbsd
running on the sun3x architecture.  I'm prepared to do a bit of hacking
and learning.  (I'm already very familiar with the '030 instruction
set; I'm assuming that's an advantage here.)  Now that I have a sun3
platform to use as a base, it should be considerably easier, I would

Now, on to compiling some binaries!

- Geoff