Subject: Re: AARGH!
To: Gordon Ross <>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 02/08/1995 11:45:24
On Wed, 8 Feb 95 11:48:55 EST 
 "Gordon W. Ross" <> wrote:

 > You got almost all of it -- must also set eeprom byte 0x18 to 0x12.
 > Take a look at src/sys/arch/sun3/include/eeprom.h for details.
 > EEPROM byte 0x18 is described as eeBootDevStored in that file.

Ok - that works - Thx...

Ok - So, the terminal server is configured 7E1...It seems happy with 
SunOS, proms, NetBSD (in single-user), etc.  When I log in, of course, it 
changes the parity, char size, etc...*sigh*...I know how to fix this, but 
every time I goof, I have to run downstairs to the Comm. room to hit 
reset... :-)

Oh, BTW - is this normal?

kvm_mkdb: /netbsd: corrupted string table: Inappropriate file type or format


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