Subject: Half way...
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From: Gordon W. Ross <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 02/06/1995 10:06:59
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> Thx Gordon for the VME tips...the thing now can find it's disk 
> controllers, et. al.
> BUT - heh - I'm using a serial console on port a.  So, I load SunOS 3.5 
> (yup - for real) and it goes through the autoconfigure sequence...Gets 
> the xy disks, etc...gets the scsi disks, etc...and then (this flashes by 
> really fast...) prints the ``Using ... buffers ... memory'' and prceeds 
> to spew garbage (in a pattern, tho) out the serial port.  The machine 
> apparently does not come into multi-user, as I cannot ping it.  "hmm..."
> So, of course I can't get anywhere for lack of console...Does anyone know 
> what might be happening to that thing?

Yeah, (sigh...) SunOS does not agree with the PROM about parity.
As soon as init does a user-open, the port is switched from 8N1
to 7E1 with the result you observe.  Can you set the attached
terminal to strip input?  (i.e. "space"-7bit-1stop)

Could also be a speed change, but ttya is normally 9600 bps.