Subject: How to install?
To: None <port-sun3@NetBSD.ORG>
From: David Jones <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 01/24/1995 22:50:29
I just took a look at sun-lamp, and there seem to be no sun3 binaries
under NetBSD-1.0!  Also, no install instructions.

What have people been running up until now?  Do you install SunOS
and run emulation?

More to the point, I am getting a Sun 3/260 (VME) in a few days.
The SCSI driver for this beast was committed to the source treee
only earlier today, so there's no ready-made kernel.

I have an Amiga 3000 running NetBSD-current, so I can compile
the kernel without much fuss (do I need to set any make
variables?) and I might even be able to NFS mount /usr
or a copy of it.  Definitely I can netboot the kernel.

How do I proceed?

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