Subject: Re: misc problems
To: None <>
From: Jeff Weisberg <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 01/20/1995 23:05:41
|     I've been working on the sparc 4/110 port.  We had a
| problem with NFS... we found that we had trouble doing 
| NFS writes to a solaris 2.x or IRIX host, but it worked fine
| to a SunOS 4.x host.   What would happen is that the system
| would "lock" trying to send a NFS write packet to the server
| which was serving  "/" (diskless machine).   If you did "etherfind"
| or "tcpdump" you'd see it would sit there sending the same
| write packet over and over again (the solaris 2.x host would ignore
| the packet).   Eventually we got "NFS server not responding"...
|    Is this the sort of thing you are seeing?

I would say almost exactly. It is a diskless 3/50, and after further
checking, it is sending the same nfs write packet. But, my server
is a SunOS 4.x box (4.1.1 sun3). 

by compiling the kernel (nfs_vfsops) with NFS_BOOT_RWSIZE=1024 the system
becomes almost usable (I can make it thru' boot up and actually log in)