Subject: Cross-compiling for the NetBSD/m68k ports
To: None <,>
From: David W. Rankin Jr. <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 12/13/1994 09:24:11
I apologize in advance for this cross-posting, but I've not been able to get
an answer from my query to the MacBSD groups. Has anyone managed to set up
as and ld for cross-assembling and cross-linking NetBSD/m68k binaries on
non-NetBSD, non-m68k platforms? (For example, the one machine I have space
to experiment is a HP-UX machine.) If not, if someone could provide me with
the general information that BFD (as in the program set within binutils)
needs to deal with & create NetBSD/m68k binaries, I will be more than happy
to try to get the present version working correctly and give my patches to
the binutils people.

One final question: does the "hp300bsd" setup for as and ld in binutils
actually produce NetBSD/m68k binaries or some other OS's exec files?

Thanks very much for your time,
David W. Rankin, Jr.

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