Subject: More queries...
To: None <>
From: Gordon W. Ross <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 11/10/1994 08:21:14
> From: jhawk@MIT.EDU
> Date: Wed, 09 Nov 1994 20:03:43 EST
> In message <9411091730.AA16849@bach>, writes:

> I haven't gotten the GENERIC #427 to get past the clock error yet
> (this time it says the clock is 6 days behind), and my ethernet has

That 6 days message is probably correct.  Check the date on the
root directory for this client (ls -ld /export/client/root).

> gone to the dogs again (I begin to wonder about the state of this sun3
> I'm working on). In the meantime...

Me too.  All my testing has been on a 3/60 so far...
Maybe you should run the diagnostics (PROM> x).

> >That's what it's supposed to do.  With DDB, it's sort of like when
> >SunOS is booted under kadb;  L1-A drops into the debugger.
> You misunderstand; it gets the db> prompt and hangs. No keystrokes
> echo, and nothing happens. I have to power cycle the machine.

Oh!  Yuck.  That really is inconvenient.

Tell me more about your machine:
Video? (Mono/Color, In-use?)
Console? (tty or video)
Keyboard type?
EEPROM settings?
Anything else I forgot...