Subject: Sun-3/50 port -- SCSI problems (Oops!)
To: None <>
From: Gordon W. Ross <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 11/09/1994 16:39:26
Oops!  I forgot, SCSI-ID 1 is SunOS sd2a... (see below)

> From: (Marc Tamsky)
> Date: Wed, 9 Nov 1994 00:24:51 -0800
> I have a working Micropolis 135Mb drive on a Sun 3/50 that boots fine
> at SCSI 0, with the command 'b sd(0,0,0)'.  I've been trying to narrow
> down the reasons why my system doesn't recognize any other scsi drives
> that get hooked up.
> When I try to move the existing drive at ID=0 to another ID...
> All of the following configurations result in the same error message:
>   bdevvp: bad open
>   no ether device opened

That's a message from the SunOS kernel, right?
If so, the PROM able to load the boot program from sd(0,8,0)
and the boot program said "loading vmunix..." etc.

It sounds like your kernel is configured for only one
disk drive.  (i.e. /usr/kvm/sys/sun3/conf/SDST50)
Did you try using the generic kernel?

It should go like this: (get it right this time :-)

>b sd(0,8,0) -a
Boot: sd(0,8,0) -a
root filesystem type (...): 4.2
root device (...): sd2a
root on sd2a fstype 4.2
Boot: vmunix
Size: ...
SunOS Release 4.1.1 ... <IDENT> (record this!)
root filesystem type (...): 4.2
root device (...): sd2a
swap filesystem type (...): spec
swap device (...): sd2b

For reference, here's that boot spec. table again:

SCSI Id 	Unix device	PROM device (these are hex :-)
0		/dev/sd0x	sd(0,0,0)
1		/dev/sd2x	sd(0,8,0)
2		/dev/sd4x	sd(0,10,0)
3		/dev/sd6x	sd(0,18,0)

Then, if you have a second SCSI controller, it uses:

SCSI Id 	Unix device	PROM device
0		/dev/sd1x	sd(1,0,0)
1		/dev/sd3x	sd(1,8,0)
2		/dev/sd5x	sd(1,10,0)
3		/dev/sd7x	sd(1,18,0)

Yeah, this naming scheme is strange...  Blame Sun...

Gordon Ross