Subject: More queries...
To: None <>
From: None <jhawk@MIT.EDU>
List: port-sun3
Date: 11/09/1994 04:14:16
Hi, Gordon, et al;

as I mentioned, I've got a Sun 3/60 netbooting NetBSD, and've run into a few
problems, some of which aren't related to NetBSD (I _hope_).

1. I probably need to fix my clock battery, but after the kernel loads,
and I get a message like "WARNING: clock gained 80611 days" and
occasionally (perhaps 1/5 of the time) it will just hang (this is using the
binary distributed kernel, btw). Sometimes (after a few minutes to
a few hours), I'll get the init prompt; normally I get the init prompt
immediately. Ideas? Pressing L1-A yields problem 2.

2. At any point after the kernel has loaded, pressing L1-A yields:

Stopped at _Debugger+0x6:   unlk   a6

and now, the machine hangs. L1-A before init seems to work fine.

Are these unique to me? Will going and getting a new clock battery
help (I've been meaning to for a couple weeks now...).

Chris said that the NetBSD mountd should work fine for nfs mounting
swap. My recollection is inconsistant w/ this, but I'll try and go
take a look...
 John Hawkinson