Subject: sun3 port status
To: None <>
From: Gordon W. Ross <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 09/19/1994 13:27:15
Theo asked about the status of the sun3 port, but then I
realized that port-sun3 readers might want to see this.

Status report:

Well... I've been busy lately, so progress has been slow.

While I haven't had time for the big projects on the todo list
(fix pmap bugs, add scsi dma),  I've spent the small amounts of
spare time I've had on fixing some of the smaller problems:

* Compile kernel with "gcc -O" (required some fixes).

* Augment obio driver with a function that its children can call
  to find and re-use the obio mappings left in place by the PROM.

* Inline spl0(), splx() just like all the others.
  (Sun machines do not need a simulated SW interrupt.)

* Initialize the boothowto flags from the PROM boot parameters
  (were hard-wired before, now ">b le() netbsd -das" works).

* Fix the functions that drop into PROM so you can 'c' to
  continue or 'g0' to panic (useful if DDB is not there).

* Fix reboot so it (a) works, and (b) can pass a boot string
  to the next boot load (support the SunOS reboot command).

* Implement GENERIC configuration (one kernel fits all).

The above (and some other clean-up changes) can be checked in
any time, but I've been holding off waiting for the release.

What's Next?

One this is checked in (so I have a handy checkpoint) I would
like to get rid of the pmap bugs that have long afflicted us.
That will take some time, so I'm not sure when I can fix it.

After that, probably VME support should be next.  For this work
we need some help from people with access to VME-based Sun3s.

Lastly:  Some time ago, someone on this list was working on a
driver for the intel-ethernet board (ie) found in the VME Sun3
machines.  We will want that fairly early to help debugging.
Are you listening?  What is the status of the ie driver?

Gordon Ross