Subject: Re: Problems with 3/60 network boot
To: None <>
From: Ty Sarna <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 08/11/1994 03:26:13
In article <9408082032.AA05088@walnut> (Gordon W. Ross) writes:
> Your server's mountd is restricting NFS mounts to clients that send
> their RPC requests from a "reserved" port number.  The diskless boot
> code does not (yet) use reserved ports.  For now, you should start
> mountd with the -n flag to allow "non-root" requests (those from
> non-reserved ports).

Adam sent me a copy of PR#394, which contains fixes for the nfs code to
do this. I haven't found time to try it again, though.

> > Also, si0 is recognized and the system pauses for awhile after that
> > (presumably looking for attached drives) but doesn't find any.  I have
> I have no idea about this one.  Mine works with just a disk (ID=0).
> Does the problem occur with "netbsd-le0" in the FTP/sun3 area?

Dunno, I'll get it and check.
> Does the CG4 work OK?  (I don't have a CG4)

Keyclick got turned on somehow, and after the panic I couldn't type
anything at the prom prompt (and L1-A didn't work), so I had to cycle
power. The display seemed fairly normal, though.

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