Subject: Problems with 3/60 network boot
To: None <>
From: Ty Sarna <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 08/05/1994 19:25:52
Well, I thought I'd try out the 3/60 port again, but it's giving me the
same problem I had last time around.  The Sun network booter has no
trouble getting the root directory and loading the kernel from it, but
when the kernel tries to mount that same directory it reports that it
was denied permission, and an error code 1.

Also, si0 is recognized and the system pauses for awhile after that
(presumably looking for attached drives) but doesn't find any.  I have
both a a hard and tape drive attached and powered up and they work just
fine under SunOS.  Under netbsd their lights don't even blink durring
the pause after si0, though.

The system is a 3/60, 24M, CG4, console on kerboard/gfx.  Kernel is a
July 30 sup, DISKLESS config, cross-compiled from NetBSD/amiga (also
from July 30).  Boot server is the amiga.  I have booted a SunOS
kernel with no problem from that server, but when I use the exact same
configuration with a netbsd kernel I get the above problems.

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