Subject: Re: filling in NFSDISKLESS_*_FH
To: <>
From: Michael Richardson <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 04/05/1994 04:01:36
In article <> Michael Richardson <> writes:
>  I just got bit by the le0 hardware in nfs/swapnfs.c. I changed it to
>a NFSDISKLESS_IF_INTER define and added that to my makefile. 

  Scratch that in favour of NFSDISKLESS_IF_NAME, already defined.

>without a corresponding recompile of a file.. :-(] I moved the
>NFSDISKLESS defines to a makefile "NFSDISKLESS" variable, and added
>that to the swapnfs.c compile, only. I doubt that can

  Actually, I wound up moving everything to compile/FOO/diskless.h,
and including that from swapnfs.c. Of course, I still have a bogus
SWAP_FH and ROOT_FH. Several people have booted stuff, so it must
not be too hard to decode what is there. Alas, NetBSD just does
getfh(2), but StunOS must do something else in mountd. Ick. 
  Adam said that he'd have a solution in a couple of days... can 
I wait? :-) 
  [progress report on ieX: I've reset the chip and gotten it configured.
Having not run into any difficulties (other than stupid typos), I'm
suspicious if it is actually working correctly, or I'm just getting
spoofed. Next stage is to actually make the thing transmit....]

  Answering one's own messages is *fun*

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