Subject: filling in NFSDISKLESS_*_FH
To: None <>
From: Michael Richardson <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 04/04/1994 00:13:04
  I can boot my 3/160 under StunOS and do an etherfind to look at the
mount requests. Can anyone give me more pointers towards what to look
for an extract for filling in of the FH structures? 
  I just got bit by the le0 hardware in nfs/swapnfs.c. I changed it to
a NFSDISKLESS_IF_INTER define and added that to my makefile. 
  I also have noticed that mkdep fails due to spaces, etc. in the
NFSDISKLESS defines. [I actually just got bit by a structure change
without a corresponding recompile of a file.. :-(] I moved the
NFSDISKLESS defines to a makefile "NFSDISKLESS" variable, and added
that to the swapnfs.c compile, only. I doubt that can
generate such a thing... can it? 
  Doesn't matter really, for such an incredible hack. Does anyone know
where Sun's /boot code puts the boot parameters? It wouldn't, by any
chance store the FH's away somewhere convenient, would it? Anyone
working on libnetboot... ? I make slow progress on ie0 driver.

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