Subject: Re: werks for me too
To: Chuck Silvers <>
From: Adam Glass <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 02/28/1994 11:53:01
> After a little bit of futzing around, I got -current as of saturday night
> working on my sun3/60.  Weird things were:

total coolness.  and w/o my patches as well.

> 1)  had to add the extra argument in promioctl.

> 2)  I'm using gas 2.2 from the FSF instead of whatever version of gas we're
> supposed to be using, and the pc-relative stuff in icode in locore.s
> didn't work as expected.  I ended up replacing:
> 	pea	pc@((argv-.)+2)
> 	pea	pc@((init-.)+2)
> with
> 	movl	#argv-_icode, sp@-
> 	movl	#init-_icode, sp@-

I think i'll change this to whatever works in moth versions ....

> and then it gave me the wonderous #-prompt.  Did "echo *" and
> saw some files.  This is using sunos init and sh.
> I had also applied the patch from Gordon Ross for making promcngetc
> do something.

Interesting.   I ddidn't think the sunos stuff was working that well
yet.    P

> Coolness.
> I'm going to play around with getting sunos dynamic linking working next,
> I think.  Just needs a /dev/zero stub and then hopefully the existing
> sunos-compat code will work.
> -Chuck

cool.  i'm going to install some vm patches tonight that should clean
up some stuff.

I'll put a note up when its in the tree.