Subject: FYI: what i've been up to...
To: None <>
From: Adam Glass <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 02/18/1994 07:44:03
In order to get more people working on the port, including writing
device drivers, I've been trying to improve the endgame, i.e getting
the port to run /sbin/init properly, execing a single-user shell, and
giving that highly significant '#' prompt.

In the past I had been trying to do this via the sunos compatibility
code but it had become too difficult to debug, and I had left it for
another day.  Recently though i switched to using a NetBSD /sbin/init
compiled on NetBSD/mac using our 8k page MID format.

This has proven highly successful in providing a firmer base for
debugging the port.  A slew of copy-on-write bugs have been eliminated
as well as a bug in init revealed.  At this stage, the bugs are
nastier and harder toi pin down.  Every night I tell myself that I'll
go to bed early, but end up hacking late into the night tracking down
the killer bug of the day.

There are a few more bugs to trace down, but I expect them to submit
to the blade as well.

Anyway, I hope to report a shell-prompt in the next few days.

Adam Glass