Subject: Re: Sun-3 ttya/b HW flow control mods?
To: <>
From: Michael Richardson <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 02/16/1994 18:27:48
In article <>, Ty Sarna <> wrote:
>The reason I ask is, my sun3 is used mainly for uucp. It does pretty
>well, except that the machine just can't handle 19200 reliably (let
>alone higher rates if I upgrade to V.34 at some point). So, I'm faced
>with retiring the beast in favor of a cheap PC (with one of those icky
>"i"-word processors), or making it work better. So, if I could upgrade
>my sun3 to a new OS with decent serial driver, I'd really rather save
>the money for something else.

  This is also one of my primary reasons for wanting a new OS. 
  Among other interest, I got a kernel built last night and booted it.
Since I hadn't config'ed it for NFS mounted root, it died config'ing
the interface.
  I had to hack compat/sunos/sun_exec.c quite a lot though. The hacks
were obvious, I realized, and probably related to me making
sun3/machdep.c (er, or something like that) use the stuff from
compat/sunos/sun_exec.c instead of the 'local' COMPAT_SUNOS stuff.
  This confuses me since I know the Sparc people are using that code
aren't they? It relates to changes in exec.h. 
  Maybe I've mixed magnum and non-magnum stuff, I'm not sure.

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