Subject: Re: contamination
To: Bill Trost <>
From: Adam Glass <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 02/08/1994 10:39:37
> Speaking of do you feel about those of us actively
> working on some portion of a commercial UNIX working on the Sun 3
> port?  I'm really loathe to write *anything* for NetBSD for fear my
> involvement with HP-UX would be damaging.
> Comments requested!

In general this is not a problem, particularly if you are not doing
kernel development (which is the only thing i care about re: sun3 at
the moment).

If you are doing kernel development, then you just have to exercise
restraint.  Keep the sources apart.  Never lift code from HPUX to
stuff into NetBSD, etc.

If you work for a company that does OS development, then they may
regard NetBSD as pseudo-competition.  In that instance, make sure you
keep NetBSD at home, and on machines that you *own*, to avoid
potential conflict.  For example, I work for Microsoft, though not in
the NT group.

If you are just doing development with a binary distribution of an OS,
then you have nothing to worry about, except don't lift header

[boy this is convoluted].

If the copyright isn't berkeley style, or public domain, then you
should be very leery of it....

Unfortunately you sometimes come across these copyrights that you
don't believe, like the sprite code which i'm still investigating.

In general, just use good judgement...

[theo, how about simplifying this to some cute statement]

Adam Glass