Subject: Re: release
To: None <>
From: Adam Glass <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 02/07/1994 16:30:59
> I haven't tried booting the kernel yet, but I have played with
> netboot a little.  I have a stand-alone program that reads
> commands and prints output using the PROM services.  Perhaps
> this could be used to ask some questions during kernel startup
> (i.e boot -a) instead of the nasty compiled-in NFS config.

I'm confused.  Are you using the sys/lib/libnetboot stuff?  This
provides most of the stuff you want, combined with some code from
sys/arch/sun3/netboot (only bits from here).

What you want to do:
	is build an object that is linked with the libnetboot stuff
	and some sun3 booststrapping code (see sys/arch/sun3/netboot)
	and either write a polled-mode ether driver or use some
	rom service.
> One concern though:  How can I wean my code from its dependence
> on the SunOS header file <mon/sunromvec.h> without violating
> Sun's copyright?  That header defines the interface to the PROM
> services.  One is allowed to define compatible interfaces, right?
> There are many useful services in the boot PROM! (device i/o ...)

look in sys/arch/sun3/include/mon.h.  Feel free to add to it, though
try to keep it different than sun's :)

> Anyway, in case anyone can use some of these functions, I have
> appended my current toy stand-alone program below.  I test it
> by copying it to tape followed by halt, "b st()" ...
> I think I may try to get netboot working based on this.

> Enjoy,
> Gordon W. Ross  		Mercury Computer Systems

Oh I see what you're up to.  I've had already done most of this work in
the sys/arch/sun3/netboot stuff.  Then lib/libnetboot came into being and
slurped up much of the functionality that is in that directory.

The sys/arch/sun3/netboot stuff was never ported to use the
libnetboot stuff.  You should be able to do this relatively easily.
I would try to integrate that stuff into an object and link it with
netboot and see what you get.

Feel free to hack away at sys/arch/sun3/netboot as I know it is
inconsistent with the libnetboot stuff....

Adam Glass