Subject: Re: Which Sun3 architectures?
To: <>
From: Michael Richardson <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 02/07/1994 23:21:46
In article <>,
Adam Glass  <> wrote:
>the port has been developed on the sun3 desktop models i.e the 3/50
>and 3/60.  It should also work on any of the machines that use the same
>motherboard as the 3/60 (Theo, fill in the details?).

  I have a 3/75 (diskless) that ought to, from what I understand,
  Alas, it has no SCSI controller either, so it isn't going to help
me debug the SCSI support :-( --- so I will wind up rebooting my 3/60
for various work.
  First I have to confirm that the machine works. I haven't been able
to get a boot logo out of it.

>	no vme support.  It would be easy to do, and the autoconfig
>		scheme can be made to understand it w/o much work.

  If someone in the Ottawa are has a spare VME SCSI controller (or
other disk controller), and wants to lend it to me sometime soon, I'll
see what progress we can make on that front.
>No one has really been able to work on this because of tree
>accessibility issues.  An announcement about that follows this mail.

  Good. My only *compile* problems right now revolve around compat/sunos/sun_exec.c

  I haven't tested the code though. I did get libkern built.