Subject: Re: Which Sun3 architectures?
To: Holger Veit <>
From: Adam Glass <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 02/03/1994 11:12:19
> I didn't follow the port-sun3 list for a long time, so maybe this
> is a FAQ:
> Which Sun3 architectures are covered by the current port (No, I know it
> is not very functional yet, but...)?
> I heard of people having acquired some old 3/60, so this is one game that
> could be played.

the port has been developed on the sun3 desktop models i.e the 3/50
and 3/60.  It should also work on any of the machines that use the same
motherboard as the 3/60 (Theo, fill in the details?).

To get the port working on any of the other machines you need to solve
the following problems:
	until we have a scsi driver, you need nfs diskless mount your
		root.  This means that we need a driver for the intel
		ethernet found in the non-desktop machines.
	no vme support.  It would be easy to do, and the autoconfig
		scheme can be made to understand it w/o much work.
	any wierd post-3/60 architectural enhancements like virtually
		addressed caches.  I think i've got code in there to
		deal with this, but it has never been tested.

> I have recently got a *large* 3/260 with 8MB, Xylogics+SCSI controller,
> 60MB streamer, and some disks (600mb total). This is a VMEbus machine. 
> So is this one already covered, something in work for it, assistance
> welcome, no interest at all, or what else?

No one has really been able to work on this because of tree
accessibility issues.  An announcement about that follows this mail.

Adam Glass