Subject: Re: the port
To: Michael Richardson <>
From: Adam Glass <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 02/01/1994 09:48:38
> In article <>,
> Adam Glass  <> wrote:
> >will be moved back to NetBSD-current from the magnum branch starting
> >immediately.  This will allow you to sup a real sun3 port and be able
> >to do something with it.
> >
> >We can deal with the magnum stuff when it hits current.
>   Can someone summerize what the magnum branch contained, or perhaps
> more importantly, what are its goals?

Sure.  the magnum branch had two main components:
	a substantially revised (autoconfig, interrupts, etc) i386
	a 4.4-like clock/swtch/profiling interface (much cleaner)

>   Except that it exists, very little has been said in current-users,
> or here. Maybe I should read port-sparc...

It was a private source branch.  The original intention was to migrate
all the stuff in the magnum branch back into current.  That became
unwieldy as magnum diverged farther and farther from the mainline

One of the advantages of the magnum branch was that 4.4-donated ports
dropped in easily.  The sparc + pmax ports have benefited from this

Anyway, at some point, I moved the sun3 port from current to magnum.
The changes weren't that significant, but they seemed to move the port

the problem: we don't, and won't distribute the magnum branch in a
serious way.  We intend to merge this technology with the current
treing my ability to slowly now.  Unfortunately, the sun3 port is
still hung up in magnum and thus hard to distribute.

Anyway, the sparc port just moved to current, w/o much effort, and
still boots, etc.  I intend to follow their lead starting immediatley.

What this will mean: in a few days you will be able to sup the
current+sun3 stuff w/no restrictions.......

Adam Glass