Subject: silence
To: None <>
From: Adam Glass <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 11/18/1993 11:09:58
I'm spending some time getting the sun3 stuff to fit in the current
tree, so that it works about as well as it did in my older copy of the

When that is finished (eta a week or two), I will need a few persons
willing to help me take some sunos compatibility code we have from the
sparc/amiga/utah hp300 ports, and make it work well under this port.
This initial team will also have to deal with any port bugs that this
reveals.  System requirements will be something like (gcc 2.x.x compiled for
sunos), gas (old), a sun3/{50,60,75}, and maybe 10mb of disk space.

People interested should contact me directly.  People interested in
device-driver work, are also needed for this same "milestone".
In particular, i'd kill for someone who wants to write scsi-driver for
the ncr5380.  We have the scsi infrastructure, but not the chip
driver+dma interface.  (Actually we do have a 5380 driver for like the
amiga, but it might not port well)

Adam Glass