Subject: The Plan
To: None <>
From: Adam Glass <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 11/04/1993 21:37:06
Apologies for the continuing delays in getting this started.  You can
start to see why I'm interested in distributing this project among
n-people so that no particular person's availability is critical.

We have a diverse group of people with a pretty wide range of skills,
equipment, and time.  I see our problem as one of getting the right
people working on the right stuff.

One of the problems I've had with developing the sun3 port is that I
built it it to run NetBSD/Sun3 binaries (which requires a gcc/ld/gas
configured appropriately).  This is a worthy goal, but a nasty
resource drain.  However, NetBSD does own some SunOS binary
compatibility code that we are already using in our sparc port.
NetBSD has some provisions for multiple exec formats that make
supporting NetBSD/Sun3 and SunOS binaries simultaneously pretty easy.
The really cool thing though, is that the sparc guys have been able to
get a machine mostly working running SunOS user code, and a NetBSD
kernel.  Eventually they will produce a pure-NetBSD distribution, but
this intermediate step should keep the resource issues manageable.

NetBSD also has drivers for most of the missing NetBSD/Sun3 drivers,
they just need to be ported to the sun3.  For instance, we do have a
zs, 5380 (sun3 si scsi), etc.

Anyway, I think a possible plan resulting in a working NetBSD/Sun3 is:
	Seperate group into teams by skills (low-level people,
					    user-level/test, etc?)
	Put some people on the drivers problem
	Put some people on integrating the SunOs compatbility code
	Those persons that need accounts on lamp will get them.
	make sure SUP access works for the rest, etc..

this is not a very detailed plan, and i would appreciate some
commentary/thoughts/etc about how *YOU* want to do this.

Next mail from me will be a "pseudo-questionaire".

Adam Glass