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Re: /dev/vme*

On Thu, Feb 14, 2008 at 09:14:59AM -0500, fredette%csail.mit.edu@localhost 
> The mmap magic cookies returned by the sun2 and sun3 mem.c:mmmmap()
> include a PMAP_VME* value, which the pmap uses to build the page table
> entries.  It looks like the /dev/vme* devices were never implemented
> for NetBSD/sparc, although they did exist on SunOS/sparc.
> Even though they aren't in MAKEDEV, and probably aren't used anymore,
> it would be nice not to lose them..

OK, so let's phrase the question differently. If they are considered to
be useful, why can't they be an individual device? Together with
providing the normal interface like read/write.


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