Subject: ndbootd/i386 worked to boot sun2/netbsd 1.6
To: None <>
From: gnu not unix <>
List: port-sun2
Date: 01/17/2006 17:17:04
Hi, I have a netbsd/i386 1.6 server that has a working
ndbootd that netboots a sun2/68010 ok. I recall I had
a problem with the original that wasn't a coredump,
but did keep the sun2 from netbooting. I think Matt
had to get me a new binary of ndbootd.

I just netbooted a sun2 again for the first time since 
2003. The original i386 server motherboard croaked
(don't buy biostar motherboards) but the disk and
software guts, when put into another unit, booted
up and served as the export host for the sun2.

Anyways one data point from the past. Maybe that
ndbootd binary would work on the 2.x netbsd?