Subject: Re: Non "new-toolchain" platforms
To: None <>
From: Matt Fredette <>
List: port-sun2
Date: 01/27/2002 21:39:36
>  > Oh yeah, right, I forgot about my config/m68k/netbsd-m68000-elf.h.
>  > FWIW here's what I use:
> Ok.  Let me work on this a bit.  BTW, since the sun2 is actually a 68010,
> I think the MACHINE_ARCH should actually be 68010 (plain 68000 doesn't
> have some of the insns that locore.s uses, for example, so gas should
> be configured as m68010-netbsdelf).

Ya, hence my (again, unchecked-in):


in my share/mk/


Matt Fredette