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re: README: ports switching to GCC 8.

>    I tried to boot a sparc64 kernel that I think was built after the switch 
> on an Ultra 45, and it fails to find any disks.  I see the same problem 
> with a netbsd-9 branch kernel.  This looks very similar to PR 
> port-sparc64/54211, except that mine is an mtp controller.  That PR was 
> after sparc64 was switched to GCC 7, so my first instinct is the problem 
> may be due to GCC 7 and GCC 8.  I haven't had any time to do any debugging 
> yet, but hope to work on it soon.
>    One thing I did note is that both the netbsd-9 kernel and the current 
> kernel boot on my Ultra 45 without crashing in the audio driver that 
> started when sparc64 was switched to GCC 6.

thanks for the heads up.  my ultra45 isn't working right now
so i'll try to get it working again...


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