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Re: Netbsd v 8.0 fails to boot on spare ultra 45

On Tue, 23 Oct 2018, Glenn Mawby wrote:

> Hi,
> I’ve a spare ultra 45 with one cpu, 5gig ram and a xvr-2500 graphics card. 
> I’ve tried to boot a fresh burn of Netbsd spare 64 version 8.   
> It starts to boot but I get Error: Software initiated reset has occurred and it reboots.  Any ideas? 

SIR is an indication the kernel got seriously stuffed up in trap 
handling code.  And it doesn't look like OBP properly recovered since 
you're not getting to the `ok' prompt.

How far did it get?  Can you capture the kernel output during boot?

Also, try disconnecting the keyboard and using the serial console.

Not getting to the `ok' prompt makes me suspect the video card, but maybe 
OBP just switches to the serial port after an SIR.  

To diagnose the problem we really need to get the pc value of the SIR 
instruction that was executed.


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