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Free SPARC hardware


Due to changes around the home, I need to let go of some older
hardware to make space.

I have a good collection of 32-bit SPARC machines, and two very nice
64-bit SPARC systems that I'd like to donate to anyone who could use
them, as well as loads of working SCSI drives of all types (50-pin,
68-pin, 80-pin), cables, keyboards, mice, extra framebuffers, etc.

(1) SPARCStation 2
(1) SPARCStation IPC
(5) SPARCStation 5
(3) SPARCStation 20
(2) Ultra2

As with most SPARCs of this vintage, most have dead or dying NVRAM batteries.

I can get more details about any of the equipment to anyone
interested.  I'd prefer to have this picked up, but I may be able to
deliver based on distance from Rockford, IL, USA.

In addition to the SPARC hardware, I have some good external SCSI hard
drive cases and CD-ROM drives, as well as various external SCSI tape

I'm not in a huge rush to clear space, but would like to find homes
for all this stuff before June.  Anything left after that will most
likely be recycled.



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