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Re: Booting sparc64 from SSD

On 5/19/14, 3:38 PM, zenxyzzy wrote:
I've got a sb2000, and I've had excellent luck with scsi-to-sata adaptors. I've got a DVD burner on one, and a 120Gb sata SSD on the other. booting works, even though 20MB/sec is a bit pokey for SSD's. I have a PCI-X 3442X from LSI logic as well, but haven't figured out the magic incantation to allow booting from anything on it - this would be ideal, since it's got a 66mhz 64 bit pci.

Where are you physically placing the drives? If I recall correctly, the onlt place to put any drives is in a cage with 2 slots where the drives connect directly to the ports on the motherboard.


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