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Re: sunfire v245

I'm running NetBSD 6.1 in production for a similar purpose on a Sun Fire v240 
(the earlier model), and it's been fine so far (six months).

Last fall, I tried to make NetBSD-current work on a Sun Fire v215 and failed 
because of bugs in NetBSD's bge (BroadComm gigabit Ethernet interfaces that are 
built-in) driver (NetBSD booted fine, but was unable to communicate on my 
network), however, SAITOH Masanobu has made a series of code 
changes/corrections to that driver and some success has been reported - it's 
worth trying again, and testing a v245 also. The v245 seems to be readily 
available for cheap on ebay.com.

        Erik <fair%netbsd.org@localhost>

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