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New firefox on sparc64

Hi folks,

during the firefox 4.0 beta phase some changes were merged that broke
sparc64 support big time, for all OS. Noone seemed to care, and the
various external port/pkg maintainers gave up in frustration - so all
we had for a long time was firefox 3.6.x.

Recently at work I was responsible for the server side of a classical
client/server application, frontend done all in html5 and javascript,
backend was a multithreaded C++ custom server. I needed some "wiered"
testing  enviroments and got sad about my sparc64 desktop machine not
being usefull for that (firefox 3.6 was missing websockets and other
stuff), so I had to carry my NetBSD/amd64 notebook to work :-(

This gave the final push, and when I had a long weekend off, I did a
longer hacking/debugging session on the current 22 alpha version
straight from mercurial. This worked pretty well (thanks to improved
gdb/pthread stuff compared to last hacking attempts), and I filed a
bunch of tickets upstream - the last one already using the new browser.

Here is a proof picture:


Besides the bogus colours of the flag, everything seems to work fine.
I will continue working with upstream to get the changes merged, and will
work with Ryo ONODERA to push any remaining ones into pkgsrc, once we get to
firefox version 22.

Julian, now your turn with Java ;-)


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