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Re: DIMM population information


>   Is there a way to see, when running NetBSD, what DIMM slots are populated, 
> and with what size of DIMM?  In my case, I'm most interested in a Netra X1, 
> but I also have a e420r and a v240, so what may work on one may or may not 
> work on many.  But.
>   I looked at the output from ofctl, but didn't see this specific information 
> in there.
>   Is this something that's available?

With the seeprom(4) support that I added recently [1], then this information
might be available (maybe not the DIMM location).  However, you'll need a
recent kernel, plus one of the machines where we support the i2c bus, and
where the DIMM information is available across the i2c bus.

However, I'm fairly sure that the E420R and X1 are too old to have this
information available via i2c, and that we don't support the i2c bridge on
the V240 yet, but I don't know if the dimm-fru devices show up even without
that support.



[1] http://mail-index.NetBSD.org/port-sparc64/2013/02/08/msg001960.html
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